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Four County Little League's mission is simple - we are committed to sustaining a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires, and athletes work together to aspire to be an outstanding educational-athletic, community-based organization by upholding the virtues of character, courage, loyalty & community. Our program is designed to develop superior citizens for a stronger community through the great sport of baseball.

Who are we?

Four County Little League is a Mount Airy, Maryland based chartered member of Little League International and provides a program of instructional and competitive baseball for kids ages 4 to 16 with several divisions to accommodate many age and skill levels. Our goal is to not just create competitive baseball players, but also teach life lessons, community commitment, and citizenship through the great sport of baseball. 

We are a part of Maryland District 2 Little League, and our league consists of players from Montgomerry, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard Counties. Though we have fields located in the heart of Mount Airy, we also have a few others located in various places inside our league boundaries. 

We are a dedicated member of the Positive Coaching Alliance and commit our managers and coaches to teaching to the Double Goal Coach and the Second Goal Parent Philosophies. This all leads to the Triple Impact Competitor.


The below division structure shall be in place unless the number of players will not support such a break down. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change or modify the below structure to suit the needs of the league.

Tee Ball (league age 4-6)

Players league age 4 - 6 shall play Tee Ball. With concurrence of the parents, player and Division Director, 6-year-olds who played Tee Ball in a previous season may be moved up to Rookies Division A (coach pitch).

Rookies “A” and Minor League “AA” and “AAA” (league age 7-11)

  • Rookies “A” (league age 7 & 8, coach pitch)
  • Minor League “AA” (league age 7-11, beginner minors, kid pitch)
  • Minor League “AAA” (league age 8-11, advanced minors, kid pitch)

All players league age 7-11 will be evaluated and based on the evaluation, will be placed in the proper division. Players league age 7, who have not previously played in Minors (moving from Rookies A to Minors), will evaluate, but will play their first season in Minors AA regardless of their score. Also, players who are not deemed ready for Minors AA may be placed in Rookies A division.

Majors (league age 9-12)

Players league age 9-12 will be evaluated and may be considered for Major Division teams. If not selected for a Major Division team, these players will be placed in a proper division.

Intermediate (league age 11-13)

The Intermediate division will run in conjunction with the players ordinary Majors/Juniors teams. Players may play in tandem with Majors and Intermediate or Intermediate and Juniors. Players interested in the Intermediate Division must try out. Note: If an 11 or 12-year-old player wishes to only play Intermediate, he/she will not be considered for the Intermediate Division if he/she would not have normally made the Majors division. FCLL will work with the other District 2 leagues for “Interleague” play to maximize the number of in season games. The teenage division director or the Player agent shall conduct a draft for this division if necessary.

Juniors (league age 13-16)

All players league age 13-16 must try out and will be placed on a team. The league will work with the other District 2 - 1 - leagues for “Interleague” play to maximize the number of in season games. The teenage division director or the Player agent shall conduct a draft for this division if necessary.

Sunday Travel (ages 9-11)

In conjunction with Maryland District 2, FCLL will participate in a Sunday Travel style program in which player, ages 9 and 10, may tryout to be selected to a team. The purpose of the program is to enhance the other divisions of FCLL by creating an opportunity for our players who want “additional” baseball to be able to play additional games under the umbrella of FCLL and Little League Baseball. Players must play for a regular season divisional team (ie. Majors, Minors) and in addition he/she may play the Sunday Travel program. No player will be permitted to play the Sunday Travel program only.

Operations and Management

Four County Little League is governed by its constitution, which is ratified by its general membership and approved by Little League International. This document, like the US Constitution, is a "living document", which means it is reviewed on an annual basis and modified as needed under the guide of the leagues's Board of Directors and approved by the league's general membership.

The league also manages to a set of bylaws that provide guidance on non-constitutional items like player evaluations for the draft, schedule establishment, and post season playing guidelines. 

Board Members and Directors

Voting Board Members Directors
  • President - Freddie Motes
  • Vice President - Brandon Roebuck
  • Secretary - Christy Rice
  • Treasurer - Dan Scafone
  • Coaching - vacant
  • Player Agent - Justin Hogg
  • Safety Officer/Equipment Director - Justin Hogg
  • Umpire in Chief - JR Weglein
  • Concessions Director - Amanda Tanguay
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Jenny Hogg
  • Team Parent Coordinator - Jenny Hogg
  • Uniform Director - vacant
  • Special Events Coordinator - Jenny Hogg
  • Information Director - Jenny Hogg
  • Sponsorship Director - Amanda Tanguay
  • Capital Improvements/Fields - vacant
  • Player Development - vacant
  • T-ball Director - vacant
  • Rookies Director - vacant
  • Minors Director - vacant
  • Majors Director - vacant
  • Seniors Director - vacant
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator - vacant


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