President's Message

A Quick Message From Our League President

Updated Thursday November 9, 2017 by FCLL.

Dear FCLL family:


Wow!  I can’t believe we are already 20 days into 2017.  In a little less than two months, FCLL fields will be prepped and our softball and baseball teams will be hard at work, preparing for their respective seasons.  While trying to take the time to write this letter, my mind kept coming back to some close friends of Katie and I, Matt and Shannon.


Matt and Shannon were blessed with two beautiful children, Waverly and Oliver, who are close in age to our children.  As a toddler, Waverly was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome, also known as MPS III. Oliver’s diagnosis soon followed Waverly’s. In most cases, children diagnosed with MPS III are not expected to live past the age of 12.


In December of 2015, Katie and I attended the memorial service for 12-year-old Waverly.  At the service, Matt gave the most inspired eulogy for his daughter.  It was truly beautiful and awe-inspiring to hear as a father.  After the service, I asked Matt, “How were you able to stand up there and say what you did?”  His simple response resonated deeply with me, “It’s the last thing I get to do for my daughter.” WOW!


As a new year and new season are upon us, I want to challenge you today with this: What are you going to do for your son or daughter? Many of us aren’t facing the same reality that Matt and Shannon are, but we all have the opportunity to impact our children by encouraging our children, getting involved in what excites them most, and relishing the little moments we get with them each day.


There is a lot to get excited about in the coming months. I am looking forward to the anticipation of Opening Day, watching a new player get his or her first hit, and that feeling of walking up to a game or practice knowing that Four County is its own unique family, and we all enjoy relishing the little moments together.


See you on the fields!


Neil Weigle


FCLL - President