Little League Safety Forms

Current Little League Safety Forms

Updated Thursday April 5, 2018 by FCLL.

Click on one of the below attachments to download a copy of any of the current safety forms associated with Little League International:

Regardless of which volunteer form you fill out, it MUST be completed, submitted and approved by our Safety Officer prior to having continuous contact with our kids. Once completed, please scan and send the completed, signed, form along with a photo ID to You can also mail the form, with your photo ID to FCLL, Attention: Safety Officer, P.O. Box 512, Mount Airy, MD  21771.

Here is a list of adult volunteers who have their volunteer forms on file and their background checks cleared. If you do not see your name on this list, contact

With youth sports, accidents happen. All children who play Little League Baseball, as well as adults who serve as managers, coaches, umpires, official scorekeepers, Player Agents and Safety Officers are covered adequately by our Little League accident insurance. 

Our Little League accident insurance covers eligible participants while traveling directly, without delay, to and from the field as well as during practice sessions and games. The benefits include provisions for accident, death or dismemberment and also for medical expenses. Coverage also extends to volunteers involved in authorized activities.

The Little League insurance underwriters agreed, after the 1992 Congress, to insure, under the Little League Accident policy, in addition to a maximum of one manager and two coaches at regular season games, all additional coaches at practice as long as they are appointed by a league official or a league designated representative (for emergencies when the President is not available).

Below are a few of the forms needed to make a claim. For full details on the insurance procedure, click here.

What parents need to know about LL Insurance

LL Accident Claim Form

LL Accident Claim Form Instructions

LL Medical Release Form

FCLL 2018 Safety Manual.pdf