Volunteer FAQs

Updated Thursday December 7, 2017 by FCLL.

FCLL and the hundreds of families we serve sincerely appreciate your interest and volunteering efforts throughout the year. Our day to day operations, events, and the special things we do indeed depend on your volunteer efforts and time. Please see the below for most of the information you will need for applying to be a volunteer. Thank you.

Question 1) Does each and every person over the age of 16 whom wishes to volunteer with FCLL in any capacity, role or job need to completely fill out the current year's Little League Volunteer form (see below links), sign it, and get it to the FCLL Safety Officer (or President if Safety Officer is unavailable) AS WELL AS provide a clear image or scan of their Driver's License? 

Answer: YES
Note: This is completed once per calendar year. You are not not allowed to have close or continuous contact with the FCLL players unless the Safety Officer has communicated with you that you are cleared for volunteering. The Safety Officer and the President are the only board members that can approve. Either of these missing items, License or completely filled out application will hold up the required approvals and your ability to help the league.

Note: Kids under 16 do not need to fill out form, however, we would like to know from the parents or guardians who the kids are and what they would like to help with. We have plenty of things kids can help with throughout the year and we are happy to approve volunteer hours for them. We are always looking for Junior Umpires as well. We are happy to provide training for them. It's fun.
Question 2) Is the Social Security number required?  Answer: YES. There are several methods available  in order to communicate this to the Safety Officer. See note below about privacy. SSN is required to process the REQUIRED background check per Little League International's rules for all Little League Charters. 
Question 3) If I am cleared for volunteering and I have registered as a coach does this mean I am approved as a coach ?
Answer: No, although registering your interest via the FCLL SI Play website, applying for and being cleared for volunteering are the two required previous steps to take. The next steps are the league President nominates the coaches and managers which are put to a vote by the FCLL Board of Directors. The league President notifies the coaches.
Question 4) Where can I get the volunteer forms ?
There are two types.

Regular 2017 Volunteer Form - use this if you did not volunteer in 2016. 2015 volunteers and prior still use this form as well as new 2017 volunteers. Welcome !

Fill this out completely, sign and send it to the FCLL Safety Officer as well as a scan of your Driver's License. Social security number is required. Contact: safety@fcllbaseball.org. You will receive a email with your volunteer application status. 
The 'returning' volunteer form - use this form ONLY if you were a cleared volunteer in 2016. A scan or image of your Driver's License is only required if requested.

Fill this out completely, sign and send it to the FCLL Safety Officer. Contact:   safety@fcllbaseball.org. You will receive a email with your volunteer application status.
Question 5: How can I check the volunteer application status of my coaching staff or my own ? 
Please click here: Please note the document works best with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari
Any name not on the list is Not approved yet.
We are not security experts nor do we claim to have perfect security. We use common sense and trust that Google keeps things safe. We do know there is encryption in place for sending and receiving email. The forms (electronic and paper) are held for two years per little leagues rules after that period paper forms are shredded and burned by a certified 3rd party. Electronic email is stored for two years after submission then deleted from email and Google Drive. We use Google Gmail and Google Drive for this storage purpose. No one else besides the FCLL Safety Officer and the FCLL President has authorization to use the credentials to access the Google Gmail or Drive. Should this be accessed by a 3rd party and we become aware of it, we will let you know as soon as possible. The website and database for background checks is sponsored by Little League International. First Advantage is the name of the company. Once the initial volunteer application information data is typed into the First Advantage website Database, the social security number is masked once its in the database so not even the Safety Officer or anyone else can see it.